Most likely you heard of, or read, the book “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill. If not, it’s a valuable resource if you are interested in learning how many of our countries most successful leaders actually achieved their success. I discovered a special interest in this book, when Napoleon Hill speaks of having a mastermind council he called his “Invisible Counselors.”


Why? Because, I’ve been privileged to have this incredible experience myself.


More than five years ago, I developed a life-threatening blood clot. In fact, I came very close to death on four separate occasions during this medical challenge—and precisely when a truly “kick ass” council first sat down at my very own imaginary table.


Have you ever spoken with your own council yet? 


Well I have. I do so almost every day. And when they speak…I listen. You would to. Below, I will tell you who sits at this council table. But just know, it’s a truly diverse and eclectic council that convenes to share with me universal knowledge and skills—that not only elevate my personal life, but also my business results as well. I seek out this council group with my biggest questions…and in return I get the most incredible advice.

Meet the Council

steve jobs.1

Steve Jobs

February 24, 1955

02_Roga_300 dpi

Raja Munah Tannous

May 13, 1942

john lennon.4

John Lennon

October 9, 1940

hammering hank.2

Hammering Hank

November 5, 1919

eleanor roosevelt.3

Eleanor Roosevelt

October 11, 1884

napoleon hill.3

Napoleon Hill

October 26, 1883


Albert Einstein

March 14, 1879



October 2, 1869

ralph waldo emerson

Ralph Waldo Emerson

May 25, 1803

mary magdalene.4

Mary Magdalene

March 22, 1011


Jesus of Nazareth

December 25, 1004



April 8, 1001

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